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... till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;

(Eph 4:13)

Finally ... A Book That Breaks Down The Theology of Work, Career, Family and Ministry

The African Christian Professional employs a confessional narrative style to provide insightful scriptural truths. Its beauty is in the brevity of its expressed thoughts in an easy to read format which is in consideration of the busy schedule of any Christian professional.

This book addresses, among other scriptural thoughts: the Christian work culture, surviving office politics, hiring for start-ups, peril of personal compromise, exerting godly influence in the workplace, maintaining a consistent walk with God without leaving career, family and ministry behind.

This is coupled with its unique personal story telling that introduces most of its chapters in such a way that the reader finds so relatable.

What's Inside?

Power Play - Page 

When you get a job in an organisation, I'll advise that you identify the power base and align yourself with it with a problem solving mindset. And make yourself indispensable to that power base by the quality of the solution you bring to the table!

Image Matters - Page 

Study the 'dress code' for your industry and align yourself with it. Every industry has its 'dress code', albeit unwritten. And you may not have a second chance to make a first impression.

You work hard, you pray hard, you have the experience and the certifications, ensure that the way you 'appear' does not become "the little fox" that spoils your career progression vines!

Beyond Prayers - Page 

When you have a need in your life and have prayed, trust the Lord to show you what you must do or the person(s) you have to meet to have that need met.

Many believe that money can rain down from heaven. God would not do that. If he did, it would be counterfeit money. And God is no counterfeiter!

A Lion Can Become A Prey - Page 

As I stared at the TV screen, wide eyed, I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me that anyone, no matter how anointed, would end up a prey like the lion if they left their area of strength.

The lion, despite being the king of the jungle, left its area of strength (land) and wandered into water (another animal's area of strength) in pursuit of what he would eat and ended up being eaten!

Workplace Adultery - Page 

I have a 'spec' for the kind of woman that makes me go weak at the knees. My wife is evidence of that. But there are possibly a thousand other women with my 'spec' qualities!

This is one reason married men and women at the workplace can't afford to lose their guard. Especially if their 'spec' is someone they work closely with.

Hard Skills Versus Soft Skills - Page 

I have always maintained that I'll prefer to be pastored by a man who may not perform miracles but whose integrity I can vouch for, rather than by one who can raise the dead but I can't trust with my wife!

The man that raises the dead but lacks integrity has got a spiritual hard skill, a spiritual gift of miracles, but lacks the spiritual soft skill of fruit of the spirit.

When Sex Becomes A Weapon - Page 

Though your spouse is a committed Christian, using sex as a weapon for marital conflict resolution may be pushing your luck. Don't abuse grace. It may boomerang in your face!

Inspired Hiring: Disruptive HR Management - Page 

Right temperament, gut, determination, inner strength, focus, vision and singularity of purpose are qualities that a resume cannot capture. Pitiably so.

Sometimes, the information in black and white may not be all there is to a candidate!

David didn't look like 'it'. But he eventually became the greatest to ever be recruited for the kingship of Israel.

A Warrior In Suits - Page 

Right temperament, gut, determination, inner strength, focus, vision and singularity of purpose are qualities that a resume cannot capture. Pitiably so.

Sometimes, the information in black and white may not be all there is to a candidate!

David didn't look like 'it'. But he eventually became the greatest to ever be recruited for the kingship of Israel.

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Pastor Sola Speaks About the Book

  1. 1
    Why the African Christian Professional book? What inspired you to write it?

    The book is inspired by a lack of content geared specifically towards Christian professionals on the professional social networking site, LinkedIn.
  2. 2
    What does the title “The African Christian Professional” mean? And why did you choose it?

    The name derives from the nationalities of the bulk of my connections on LinkedIn from several African countries, including Africans from the UK, US, Germany and Canada.
  3. 3
    Tell us a bit about the book. Who is it for and what can they learn from it?

    The book offers diverse thoughts, broader perspectives and deeper insights into the life of a Christian professional to the effect that they may be balanced and grounded.
  4. 4
    There are probably other books on the same subject. What makes this one different from others?

    Yes, there are other books written for Christian professionals but they are basically business books. "The African Christian Professional" is not a business book but a "life" book written for Christian professionals. Its difference lies in the brevity of its shared thoughts, which is in consideration of the busy schedule of an average professional. And also its confessional narrative style which the reader will find practicable and relatable.
  5. 5
    Why should the readers listen to you? What makes you qualified to teach on the subject?

    Because I am a Christian professional myself who understands both the personal and workplace challenges that confront any Christian professional while trying to pursue success and relevance.
  6. 6
    About the writing process, what did you learn when writing the book that you would like to share with readers?

    In putting this book together, I have learnt how a simple 'tool' as a book can be a transforming agent by the sheer value of its impact.
  7. 7
    Tell us about your ANCP community.

    It's an online community of Christian professionals whose goal is to extend the influence of Christ in their respective work stations through righteous engagement.

What Others Are Saying 

E.D, Oryx Africa, M.D/CEO, 12:24 Limited

Oluseyi Akinyoyenu

Your daily posts are relevant in the business world, a source of encouragement and helps Christian Professionals live a balanced life. Thank you for all you do

Human Resources Consultant

Bosede Kunle-Adenusi

I have been blessed by Sola's messages on Linkedin, his daily posts is a source of inspiration and it resonates with me most of the time. Well done and keep up the good work. God bless you

PhD Researcher/

Lecturer, Covenant University

Dr O. Olatokunbo

In my everyday interaction with Sola's posts, it has been fascinating and very helpful. The expositions are practical issues that are been faced by professionals and provides an understanding of what you need to know. May you continue to be a home for every heart.

Creative Design Specialist at Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University

Dayo Tinkerman

Sola, has really been a blessing to me. I came across his posts on Linkedin last year and I’ve been consistently following his posts and updates. His unique style of teaching proven biblical truths with simplicity through storytelling has been a huge blessing. For Christian professionals, he is the voice for godly impact in the corporate world.

Head of Internal Audit, Dangote flour Mills PLC

Sito-Abasi Udoh

I love my mornings quiet but nothing takes away my routine search for Sola's daily LinkedIn posts. The skill with which he weaves every message in simple, clear, and concise terms yet leaves the reader wondering, 'Where did that come from?' The beautiful part is he never shies away from sharing his personal stories while pointing us back to God's words

Sales Operations and Business Analyst

Emeka Iheme-Madukairo

I must confess I had doubts when I first started reading your daily nuggets on LinkedIn but believe you me, I now look forward to them EVERY DAY and I also share them with colleagues. They are now my daily companion, giving me lifesaving insights on how best to live out my Christian experience in the corporate world!

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He is the founder of African Network for Christian Professionals, ANCP, an online community of Christian professionals whose goal is to extend the influence of Christ in their respective workstations through righteous engagements.

As a Christian educator, he elevates scriptural wisdom and makes it applicable to the modern Christian professional. His daily LinkedIn posts have helped to inspire a more vibrant and workplace ministry consciousness in his followers. Hence, his being tagged, "The LinkedIn Pastor". His writings have appeared in both local and international publications.

Sola and his wife, Bunmi, are blessed with three gracious sons; Rhema, David and Caleb.

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